B A L L O O N   C A R E   G U I D E

1. Weather
Weather conditions have a huge effect on the balloons life span. The cold makes the balloons dense and the heaviness in the air causes helium balloons to shrink and shrivel drastically. Please keep your balloons at room temperature.
Bubble balloons are made from a slightly thicker material and therefore can stand the cold.


2. What the balloon doesn’t like?
  • Contact with sharp or hot objects
  • Being dragged through doorways
  • Getting trapped in car boots or doors
  • Extreme weather
3. Outdoor Balloons
Unless the weather outside is good or calm, we request you to take the following into consideration. The balloon may blow in the wind or rain, and possibly pop in the sunshine, especially if it is really hot! We cannot guarantee the balloons will be able to sustain outdoor climate.


4. Ceiling Fills
Ceiling fills are made with helium balloons and are extremely fragile. We put high lost into the fills so their float time is increased. It is highly crucial to check the surfaces in case anything sharp is sticking out as this may make the balloon pop, as well as hot spotlights. Big threat!


5. Latex Balloons
Latex balloons are biodegradable which means they will abide over time. Full coloured latex balloons will become matte, and clear confetti latex will become cloudy with 12-14 hours.


6. Balloon Hampers
Balloon hampers are so FRAGILE ! Customers forget that these gifts are placed inside a balloon which means the balloon hampers are extremely delicate. We always suggest soft and light items to be placed inside, preferably without sharp sides.
Balloon hampers must be kept away from sharp objects or they will cause the balloon to pop. Carrying the hampers is also important. Hampers carried by the neck or irresponsibly may cause damage to it. The hampers must be held by the bottom. Since they are made out of a thick latex material, they do become cloudy over 10-12 hours.